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Welcome to Foundation Stage! We work with children from three to five years and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have a FS1 Base (Nursery) and a FS2 Base (Reception). The teachers in FS1 are Mrs Hotchkiss and Miss Hotchkiss who are supported by Curriculum Specialist Mrs Byrne and Teaching Assistants Mrs Stephens and Mrs Harrison. In FS2 the teachers are Mrs Bell and Mrs Hurst who are supported by Teaching Assistants Miss Shaw and Miss Crooks.

During children’s time in Foundation Stage they will cover three prime areas of learning through child led and adult led activities. The prime areas are: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. These prime areas are the most essential to a child’s healthy development and future learning.

They will also cover four specific areas which are: Literacy, Mathematical Development, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We work closely together as a Foundation Stage team and with the rest of Angram Bank School. We take part in Achievement Day, termly Parents Evening, parent workshops and fundraising events. Children get on the Angram Bank bus in our Foundation Stage and continue on an exciting learning journey!

FS1 In The Moment

FS1 Reading Spine

FS1 Spring Two Homework Sheet

FS2 Summer Planning Overview

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Welcome to Y1/2! Our teachers are Miss Leesley, Mr Bunting and Miss Overton. Mrs Wood and Mrs Marsden are around each day to support our learning.  We are all busy bees and love to grow our brains. We hope you enjoy reading our regular blog updates showcasing our learning.

Be kind and help your brain grow, get on the values rainbow!

Spring Learning Enquiry 2019: The 1960s and The Great Fire of London

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Dance Festival
I would like to say a massive well done to Year 3.
Your performance was amazing. You all did yourselves proud.
Thank you to all the parents for supporting us.
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Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed today's Easter Fayre.
Have a fantastic Easter break.

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Y3 Battle of the Bands

Well done to both teams for taking part in out recent battle of the bands. A massive well done to Y3 Megastars

This weeks king and queen, who were the top scores in the battle of the bands are:

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Where does our food go?
In year 3/4 this week, we have been finding out what happens to the food we eat. Today, we replicated the digestive system.

The Mouth

 We used teeth (scissors) to cut the sandwich up. Then we added some saliva and milk (drink) and broke the food down further with our teeth (fork)

The Stomach

After the food had been broken down, it travelled down the oesophagus (tube) into the stomach (food bag). In the stomach, the food particles mixed with acid (vinegar and coke). The muscles squeezed the food to break it down even more.

The Intestines

Next, it travel into the small intestines (tights). As it move through the small intestines, all the goodness and nutrients that body needs are removes. As it then moves through the large intestines all the water is removed leaving a solid behind.

The Toilet
The large intestine pushes the waste into the rectum, Once it is ready, the solid waste is pushed out.

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Y3 Home Learning

Year 3 home learning has been handed out today and will be expected back on Thursday 18th April. Over the holidays I have asked all children to aim to read at least 3 times a week. In addition to this there is a TT Rock Star battle running over the holidays.

Home Learning

Small group home learning

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