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Welcome to Foundation Stage! We work with children from three to five years and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have a FS1 Base (Nursery) and a FS2 Base (Reception). The teachers in FS1 are Mrs Hotchkiss and Miss Hotchkiss who are supported by Curriculum Specialist Mrs Byrne and Teaching Assistants Mrs Stephens and Mrs Harrison. In FS2 the teachers are Mrs Bell and Mrs Hurst who are supported by Teaching Assistants Miss Shaw and Miss Crooks.

During children’s time in Foundation Stage they will cover three prime areas of learning through child led and adult led activities. The prime areas are: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. These prime areas are the most essential to a child’s healthy development and future learning.

They will also cover four specific areas which are: Literacy, Mathematical Development, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We work closely together as a Foundation Stage team and with the rest of Angram Bank School. We take part in Achievement Day, termly Parents Evening, parent workshops and fundraising events. Children get on the Angram Bank bus in our Foundation Stage and continue on an exciting learning journey!

FS1 In The Moment

FS1 Reading Spine

FS1 Spring Two Homework Sheet

FS2 Summer Planning Overview

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Welcome to Y1/2! Our teachers are Miss Leesley, Mr Bunting and Miss Overton. Mrs Wood and Mrs Marsden are around each day to support our learning.  We are all busy bees and love to grow our brains. We hope you enjoy reading our regular blog updates showcasing our learning.

Be kind and help your brain grow, get on the values rainbow!

Spring Learning Enquiry 2019: The 1960s and The Great Fire of London

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Welcome to Y3/4! You will find Mrs Whitham and Mr Merone teaching a wide range of lessons in Lower Key Stage Two. Miss Larkin and Miss Smith are around each day to support our learning. We hope you enjoy reading our regular blog updates showcasing our learning.

Spring Planning:

Learning Enquiry Planning - The Beginning of Civilisation

English - Non-fiction (Instruction)

Y3 Maths


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Infant Sports Day 2019

Infant Sports Day this year was a fantastic success!

Well done green team for winning overall in a very close competition.

Thank you to all the families and friends who came to support us, it wouldn't have been the same without you.
You have helped to raise lots of money to fund sports equipment for children at Angram Bank.

Photos to follow soon...

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KS1 Football Event

Today, 16 children from Year 1 and 2 visited Concord Sports Centre to take part in a football competition.

Each team were allocated a country from the Women's World Cup and Angram Bank played as Norway and China. Both teams played their hearts out and worked with such resilience. Well done everyone, you have made Angram Bank so so proud!

Team Norway

Team China

Our full super squad!

Here's Angram Bank's star player who was awarded goal of the tournament for an out of this world header from the edge of the box!

A huge thank you also to all the families who came to support us today. By far the best supported school at the event!

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today, Year 1 and 2 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see lots of African and Indian animals. Here's a look at some of the different animals we found around the park from across the world.

Lots of the staff at the park answered our many questions about the animals.

When we looked closely, we spotted inside this Wallaby's pouch there was a baby!

In our classroom workshop, we held lots of real animal artefacts including a real ostrich egg! We learnt that ostriches lay the largest eggs in the world. We also felt camel fur, a lion's skull, a polar bear footprint and ostrich feathers.

Here we had the chance to feel a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach. We even heard it hiss! We found out that it tricks predators into thinking it is a snake by hissing, even though it is harmless.

We then met Banana the Corn snake. We could stroke across its scales gently. It was so smooth and silky!

We also met a Giant African Land Snail. We could stroke its shell and some of us even chose to hold it.

We had a fantastic day overall and learnt lots about animals and their habitats.
Thank you for everyone's support in making our visit possible.

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Y2 Science Morning
On Friday morning in Y2 we were very lucky to have Mr Darby join us from Ecclesfield Secondary School. For the morning we became scientists, by doing our own experiments and observing lots of different experiments as well. We even got the opportunity to make our own bath bombs that we were able to take home and try for ourselves. 

Thank you very much to Mr Darby and Ecclesfield Secondary School for making this possible as it was a great and scientific morning.
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Relaxing Reading

This afternoon, Year 2 and FS2 took advantage of the lovely sunshine and shared some special time together.

The Year 2s paired up with a child from FS2 and shared their books with each other.

Here's a few pictures of our magical moment.

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