• We are learning about how and why WW2 came about and exploring the role played by important individuals of that time, such as Winston Churchill and Anne Frank.
Year_5_6 Autumn 2018 Curriculum Topics
  • We are considering and commenting on the evacuation of many children in WW2 which was designed to keep them safe, alongside current events where people are forced to leave their war-torn homes in the search of safety.
  • We will be empathising with children who experienced leaving their homes and families due to evacuation, and writing letters home from the point of view of these children.
  • We will be reading 'Blitzed' by Robert Swindells and using the scenario of the main character being taken back in time to write our own stories.
World War 2
  • In our 'Story Together Time', we will be reading 'Blitzed' by Robert Swindells and 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll.
  • We will investigate the brightness of lights and the volume of buzzers, and link this to the planning and building of our own Morse Code machine.
  • We will develop a chronological understanding of world history by learning where WW1 and WW2 fit on a timeline and how life then was different from today.
  • We will question how and why WW2 started, and discuss how knowledge from the past could/should inform decisions made today.
  • We will combine different design techniques to create images from WW2, such as the Blitz.