• Can you make a 3D cereal box using a net?
  • Can you sort animals using a Venn Diagram?
Year_1_2 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
  • Can you create a fact file about dinosaurs?
  • Can you find out about your favourite animal?
  • How do we care for a pet?
  • Can you name animals and talk about their habitats?
  • Can you create a simple food chain?
Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?
  • Can you use Paint to draw a dinosaur?
  • Can you research your favourite animal?
  • Can you learn a song about an animal?
Art and Design
  • Can you make a suitable habitat for an animal?
  • Can you paint a dinosaur?
  • Can you make an animal mask?
  • What would your favourite pet be and why?