Can you re-enact a Roman invasion?
  • Make your own Roman helmet.
  • Make your own shield.
  • Put together a battle plan to capture the flags.
Year_3_4 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
Who were the Romans?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Where and when did they invade?
  • How big what the Roman Empire?
What was Roman life like?
  • How did they live?
  • How did they dress?
  • What did they eat?
  • What type of jobs did they do?
Why were the Romans so powerful?
What did the Romans do for fun?
  • Find out what the Romans did in their spare time.
  • How are these the same or different to today?
What was the impact on Britain?
  • What evidence of Roman Britain can we see today?
  • How did the Romans change Britain?
Can you create a Roman shield?
  • Look at Roman shields.
  • Design your own shield.
Who did the Romans worship?
  • How many gods and goddesses did the Romans worship?
  • Research gods and goddesses.