Where is Sheffield?
  • Where is High Green compared to the rest of Sheffield?
  • Where is Sheffield compared with other cities?
  • Where is England in the world?
Year_3_4 Autumn 2016 Curriculum Topics
How do landscapes differ across Sheffield?
  • How is High Green different from other areas of Sheffield?
Why is London so important?
  • What landmarks are in London?
  • Why is London the capital of England?
Why is the U.K. such a cool place to live?
What can we find out about other cities in the UK?
  • Have we visited any other cities or towns?
  • Can we use a computer to research?
What is the culture like in other countries?
  • What kind of food is eaten in different countries?
  • How do languages differ from ours?
  • What traditions do different people follow?
Can you write persuasively about a country?
  • What is good about your place?
  • Why should people visit?
  • What persuasive language can you use?
Can you analyse statistics about different places?
  • How can we compare different populations?
  • What is the weather like in different places?
  • What else can we compare?