• Y6: Why are rainforests often in the news and what can we do to help?
  • Y5: What would you ask the president of the USA?
Year_5_6 Spring Term Curriculum Topics
  • Y6: Where are the rainforests located and what are their main features?
  • Y5: Why is Miss Heath desperate to visit New York?
  • Y6: What can you find out about endangered animals living in the rainforest
  • Y5: Can you research different American landmarks?
Y6: Rainforest & Y5: USA
  • Y6: How has the rainforest changed over the last 20 years
  • Y5: Who were the original Americans?
  • Y6: How important is the Amazon to the South American rainforest?
  • Y5: What sports do Americans play?
  • Y6: Where are rainforest animal sanctuaries located?
  • Y5: How does the USA climate differ from ours?
  • Y6: Debate - Do animal sanctuaries help endangered species?
  • Y5: Can you create your own brochure page?