Where do you go on holiday and why?
  • A school camping experience.
  • Bring in photographs from your holidays.
Year_1_2 Summer Curriculum Topics
What attracts visitors to the seaside?
/Y1_2/british seaside.jpg
  • Produce your own travel brochure.
  • Investigate what can be found in rockpools by the sea.
What can we learn about lighthouses?
  • Make a poster about seaside safety.
  • Create your own digital postcard.
Why do we love to be beside the seaside?
What are the features of the seaside?
  • Compare the seaside to Sheffield - how is it different?
  • Create your own seaside map with co-ordinates.
How can we travel to the seaside?
  • Research different types of transport and when you would use them.
  • Design and make a moving vehicle.
Where have you been in the United Kingdom?
/Y1_2/united kingdom.png
  • Locate places on a map.
  • Write about one of your holidays.
How has transport changed over time?
/Y1_2/old transport.jpg
  • Produce a timeline about transport.
  • Write an information book about transport in the past.