Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
  • Where is Egypt?
  • Ancient Egyptian timeline
Year_3_4 Summer 2016 Curriculum Topics
What was life like as an Ancient Egyptian?
  • What was important to Ancient Egyptians?
  • The importance of the River Nile.
  • How did they live?
  • What did they wear?
What happened to them when they died?
  • What is the mummification process?
  • Why were people mummified?
  • Where did they go?
Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
Who was Tutankamun?
  • Who discovered Tutankamun's tomb?
  • Why was he so important?
  • Look at different sources of evidence.
Can you write like an Egyptian?
  • Compare and contrast Egyptian writing with our own.
  • Can you write your name using the Egyptian alphabet?
What did the Egyptians believe?
  • Identify different Egyptian Gods.
  • Why were they important?
  • Research different Egyptian Gods.
Write a report about the Ancient Egyptians.
  • What will you include?
  • Research and make notes.
  • Plan and write a report.