What caused that racket?
  • How are sounds made?
  • What has it got to do with vibrations?
Year_3_4 Summer One Curriculum Topics
How do your ears work?
  • What does the inside of the ear look like?
  • How does sound travel to the ear?
What do we mean by pitch and volume?
  • What is the difference between pitch and volume?
  • How do we measure pitch and volume?
What's that racket?
Does sound have the same intensity?
  • What happens the further away you get from the sound source?
  • Do sound waves travel around corners?
How do telephones work?
  • How have they changed over time?
  • How can you make your own telephone?
Could you be the next X-Factor star?
  • Make your own musical instruments.
  • Create your own music.
X-Factor performance!
  • Perform your music in front of the X-Factor judges!