• Can you find out what your family's favourite flowers are?
Year_1_2 Autumn Curriculum Topics
  • What would you discover in your enchanted forest?
  • How might you describe your enchanted forest?
  • Can you write sentences or a story about the enchanted forest?
  • How many trees and flowers can you name?
  • Can you go on an adventure to collect different plants and leaves?
  • Can you match leaves to their tree?
  • Can you name the different parts of a plant?
What might you find in the enchanted forest?
  • Can you draw a flower or a tree on the computer?
/Y1_2/enchanted forest 2.jpg
  • Can you build a den using materials from the forest?
Art and Design
  • What can you find out about Andy Goldsworthy?
  • Can you sketch your favourite flower?
  • Can you create a flower using different materials?
  • Can you create a piece of land art?