• Can you create a compass?
  • Can you create a board game?
Year_1_2 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
  • Can you write a recount about a destination you have visited?
  • Can you write a weather report for somewhere in the world?
  • Can you name the 5 oceans and 7 continents?
  • Can you locate England on a world map?
What might Sunny see on his journey around the world?
  • Can you help Billy Bug find his grub on
  • Can you research a destination online?
  • Can you make your own travel brochure?
  • Can you create a fact file for a destination?
Art and Design
  • Can you create a piece of skyline art?
  • Can you create art about a human or physical feature?
  • Can you colour a map to locate the hot and cold places?
  • Can you locate the equator?