Children will go on a nature walk in the woods.
  • Investigate plants in our environment.
  • Investigate animals in our environment.
Year_3_4 Summer 2015 Curriculum Topics
Can you label a flowering plant?
  • What do you already know?
  • Making a 3D plant.
  • Can you use what you have learnt to label your 3D plant?
What do plants need to grow?
  • What do you think they need to grow?
  • How do we set up an experiment?
  • How do we keep it a fair test?
What lives in our environment?
How do plants drink?
  • How do you think plants drink?
  • Use celery and food dye to investigate.
What is the life cycle of a bean?
  • What is a life cycle?
  • Can you track the journey of a bean?
What makes a mammal a mammal?
  • Can you group various animals?
  • What are their characteristics?
  • Can you use a clasification key?
What dangers does a crab face?
  • What is a habitat?
  • What is a seaside habitat?
  • What dangers are there threatening seaside habitats?
  • Can we compare this to a habitat in our local environment?