Who were the Victorians
  • Who is Queen Victoria?
  • When did she reign?
  • Who are the importnat Monarchs?
Year_5_6 Autumn 2017 Curriculum Topics
How did life in the Victorian times differ?
  • Visit Colne Vally Museum.
  • What was it like inside the Workhouse?
  • What jobs did people do in Victorian times?
What did people eat during Victorian times?
  • Bake bread.
  • Prepare and cook own lunch during Colne Valley Museum visit.
  • Describe the food eaten.
How did the lives of the rich and poor differ?
  • Learn about a typical day in the life of a rich and poor Victorian child.
  • Look at Victorian toys.
When was the Victorian Era?
  • Why was it called the Victorian Era?
  • Learn about key events that happed during the Vicrotian times.
  • What changes happened during the Victorian Era.
  • Write letters to thank the staff at Colne Valley.
  • Write stroies based in the Victorian Workshouse.
  • Write a diary as a Victorian servant.