Time travel back to Victorian times
  • What was it like?
  • What was school like?
  • How does it compare to now?
Year_3_4 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
Who is Queen Victoria?
  • When did she rule?
  • What significant events happened under her rule?
What was Christmas like in Victorian times?
  • What were the traditions?
  • What presents would you have recieved?
What would your school day have been like?
  • What would the classroom have looked like?
  • What lessons would you have done?
  • What were the teachers like?
What was home like for the rich and the poor?
  • What did the servants do?
  • What did the rich do?
  • What did Victorians do for fun?
  • Cannon Hall Victorian Day
  • Life under the stairs
Home Learning
/Y3_4/Victorian times.jpg /Y3_4/Queen Victoria.jpg
  • What home learning could you do?