Where is Sheffield?
  • Locate the UK using an atlas.
  • Use atlases to locate Sheffield and other major cities.
  • What is Sheffield famous for?
  • Locate High Green on a map of Sheffield.
Year_3_4 Autumn 2018 Curriculum Topics
How has land use changed?
  • What are the different land uses in Sheffield.
  • How has that land use changed over time?
  • Similrities and difference between High Green and Sheffield.
  • English - create a brochure
Why is London so important?
  • Compare to Sheffield.
  • Look at famous London landmarks.
  • Mapwork
The local history of High Green?
  • What was High Green famous for?
  • Focus on mining.
  • Examine some of the disasters.
  • English - write diaries
Science - Rocks
  • Identify different types of rocks.
  • Maths - clasify rocks ing Carrol and Venn diagrams
  • How are fossils formed?
Look at others cultures
  • Experience a day of different cultures from around the world