Pitch Perfect
  • How is sound made?
  • How does the sound of vibrations effect the volume?
  • What is the difference between pitch and volume?
  • How do we hear sound?
Year_3_4 Spring 2018 Curriculum Topics
  • How are shadows formed?
  • How is light reflected?
  • Is our sun a friend or foe?
  • Can shadows change?
  • What is a force?
  • Are all forces pushes and pulls?
  • Can we test friction?
  • How do we make a fair test?
  • Is it magnetic?
  • How do magnets work?
  • What materials are magnetic?
  • Will it attract or repel?
  • How does a compass work?
  • How would we live without electricity?
  • How does electricity travel?
  • How do we know if a circuit is successful?
  • How can we control a circuit?
  • What is a conductor and an insulator?
States of Matter
  • What are states of matter?
  • When does matter change?
  • How can we work scientifically?
  • How are solids, liquids and gases the same and different?
Other Curriculum Areas
  • How can we present our information?
  • Can we write an explanation of an event?
  • Can we write instructions to show another person?
  • Can we use a mirror to draw a self portrait?