What do we know about the past?
  • Look at different Victorian games.
  • What do we know about the past?
Year_3_4 Autumn 2014 Curriculum Topics
Who is Queen Victoria?
  • Research Queen Victoria.
  • When did Queen Victoria reign?
  • Learn about her family.
  • Find out key events to create a timeline.
What was your school day like in Victorian times?
  • Look at pictures of a Victorian school.
  • Compare to school today.
  • What would you have done at school?
How was Christmas celebrated in Victorian times?
  • Write an account of your school day in Victorian times.
What was home life like in Victorian times?
  • Reseach using pictures of Victorian homes.
  • How do they compare to today?
  • What would you have done after school?
What Christmas presents would you have?
  • Comparing the rich and poor.
Victorian School!
  • Take part in a Victorian school day.
  • Play Victorian games.
  • Watch silent movies.
  • Take part in Victorian lessons.