Investigate shadow.
  • How do shadows change?
  • What do you notice about shadows?
  • Where do we find shadows?
Year_3_4 Autumn 2016 Curriculum Topics
Why is it dark at night time?
  • Where does the light come from?
  • Can we see in the dark?
Why do cyclists wear safety vests?
  • Which materials are the best?
  • How do they reflect the light?
How far can you throw a shadow?
Why can I see myself in a mirror?
  • How do mirrors work?
  • Use a mirror to reflect the light.
Why do I need sun glasses?
  • What is good about the sun?
  • What are UV lights?
  • How can the sun damage our eyes?
Why does my shadow follow me?
  • How does light travel?
  • Do all objects create a shadow?
How do shadows change?
  • How are shadows formed?
  • How does the time of day affect the shadow?