What keeps me in shape?
  • Investigating skeletons.
  • Why do we have a skeleton?
  • Looking at animals that do and do not have skeletons.
Year_3_4 Spring 2015 Curriculum Topics
Why do I have muscles?
  • Can you name and label any muscles?
  • What are muscles and how do muscles work?
Should you eat a burger every day?
  • Food groups.
  • What is a balanced diet?
  • Why is a balanced diet important?
How does my body work?
Why is it important to brush your teeth daily?
  • Name and label different types of teeth.
  • Compare our teeth to animal teeth.
  • Learn how to clean your teeth properly.
What happens to the food we eat?
  • How does our body get the nutrients?
  • How does our digestive system work?
  • Name and label the digestive organs.
Are you predator or prey?
  • What are predators and prey?
  • Look at and create own food chains.
Take part in a doctor training morning!
  • Complete challenges.
  • Receive a doctor certificate.