When did the Anglo-Saxon period begin?
  • Looking at time lines.
  • Who was there before and after?
Year_3_4 Spring 2016 Curriculum Topics
Why did the Anglo-Saxons and Scots invade?
  • What were the reasons?
  • Was it easy for them to invade?
  • Why did they choose Britain?
How did our towns get their names?
  • What do they have in common?
  • Can we use an atlas to locate these places?
How did the Anglo-Saxons and Scots change Britain?
What was it like to live in an Anglo-Saxon town?
  • How did it look?
  • How did they build their houses?
  • How does it compare to towns today?
  • Did children go to school?
What did the Anglo-Saxsons believe?
  • Who did they believe in?
  • How did that change the way they live?
How did the Anglo-Saxons become Christians?
  • Why were they Christians?
  • What religion did they believe in before Christianity?
  • How did they live?
What jobs did the Anglo-Saxons do?
  • Did they have similar jobs to modern times?
  • How did they work without electricity?