In what different ways do we use electricity?
  • Are batteries electric?
  • How do we use electricity at home?
  • How do we use electricity at school?
  • Spend a day without electricity.
Year_3_4 Spring Term Curriculum Topics
What! No TV or playstation! What shall we do?
  • What games can we play?
  • What can we do without electricity?
Why have we become so dependant on electricity?
  • How does electricity effect our lives?
  • Write a diary about our day without electricity.
  • How did people live in the past without electricity?
How could we cope without electricity for one day?
How can you create an electrical circuit?
  • Can we use a battery to create an electrical circuit?
  • Can we record and discuss what we find?
What are conductors and insulators?
  • How does electricity pass through objects?
  • What keeps us safe from electricity?
How is electricity generated?
  • How is electricity generated?
  • What is a renewable energy source?
  • What is a non-renewable energy source?
Can you present your learning?
  • What have we learnt?
  • How will you present your learning without using electricity?