• Classic plays-William Shakespeare Who was William Shakespeare?
  • Poetry-Reflecting mood and feelings
  • Drama-we will re-enact some of Shakespeares classic works-bringing them into the modern world!
Year_5_6 Summer 2014 Curriculum Topics
  • Light and sound-How is sound made?
  • How can sound be changed?
  • How is music created?
  • Can we create musical instruments that can change in pitch?
What are 'The Arts?'
  • What was it like when Shakespeare lived?
  • How has the work of artists changed over the years?
Art & DT
  • Studies of great artists and sculpters.
  • Who is Anthony Gormley and what is he famous for?
  • Can we create art in the style of David Hockney?
  • Who is Anthony Gormley?
  • What was the style of Picasso like?
  • Research artists and sculptures.
  • Short films and animations-what techniques are used?
  • Can we create our own animation for the purpose of entertainment?
  • How does culture effect art?
  • Where do our most famous artists originate from?