Physical Development
  • Develop gross motor skills using large equipment and large scale movements.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills through the introduction of 'dough disco'.
  • Encourage independence by practising self-help skills.
  • Explore different ways of moving to music.
  • Develop spatial awareness by moving confidently both inside and outside.
Foundation Autumn Curriculum Topics
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understand new expectations and routines.
  • Access activities independently and take turns with others.
  • Develop positive relationships with peers.
  • Talk about themselves, their families and friends.
  • Identify things that are theirs and things that belong to others.
  • Begin to identify different feelings.
Communication and Language
  • Develop the confidence to speak in small and larger groups.
  • Learn new vocabulary relating to our stories.
  • Talk about our families, friends, likes and disikes and where we live.
  • Develop good listening skills to enable us to listen to our friends and teachers.
  • Learn to ask simple qestions to find out all about our new friends.
Ready, set, go!
Expressive Art and Design
  • Explore the different construction materials available to us.
  • Talk about what I have made and why.
  • Listen to environmental sounds and name familiar sounds.
  • Listen to musical instruments, exploring the different noises that they make.
  • Join in with familiar rhymes and songs.
Understanding the World
  • Talk about where we live and look at the different places that people live.
  • Talk about the ways that we are the same and the ways that we are different from one another.
  • Get to know our new surroundings.
  • Take part in Autumn and Christmas celebrations.
  • Watch the changing seasons.
  • Become familiar with our Stories for Talking and reading roots stories.
  • Explore new vocabulary during continuous provision activities.
  • Deveop skills for book handling.
  • Develop mark making through gross and fine motor activties.
  • Recognise our names and learn to write our names ourselves.
  • Patterns and numbers to 10 -Mathematics Mastery
  • Count and recognise numbers.
  • Be confident in our colours and identify different colours in the environment.
  • Join in with traditional number rhymes.
  • Identify and use shapes in play and creative activities.