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Welcome to Angram Bank Primary

Welcome to Angram Bank Primary

The staff and governors of Angram Bank Primary School join me in extending a warm welcome to you. I hope that our website will tell you about our school, but the best way of finding out is to visit and see for yourself.

Our school motto is: “Where Learning, Fun and Friendship Meet”. Our school’s philosophy is based on giving every child the opportunity to succeed academically and socially and to ensure they achieve as highly as possible. We provide a caring and high quality Learning Environment where children benefit from an ethos of positive attitudes and high expectations... (Read More)

Our Latest News

Super Snow Day in Nursery !!

Last week the long awaited snow finally hit High Green! The children were thrilled and couldn't wait to get outside and explore the snow and ice.

We made sure that we were ready for the cold weather and made sure that we wrapped up well! The children loved getting their wellington boots and snow suits on to make the most of the day outside.

The children were fascinated by the snow and the different forms that they found. We quickly discovered that some places were more icy than others and which snow made the best snow bricks!!

The high level of energy and engagement that the children showed lasted all day and the language and questions that came from the discussions were so good that we hope the snow will come again soon!!

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Ecclesfield visit Grease

Ceramics Workshop (Mothers Day)

Pressing the Parliamentary Buttons

On Thursday 5th and 12th February 2015 the Year 5 & Year 6 children will be joined by local MP Angela Smith and staff at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club to allow children to gain an insight into the working of parliament.  An exciting programme is planned where, rosettes at the ready, children will be able to assume a variety of roles;

1.  Parliamentary Candidates
2.  Polling Station Manager
3.  Polling Booth officer
4.  Registrar
5.  Counters

The rest of the children will be able to listen to each candidates "Manifesto" and use the ballot papers to vote for the party of their choice.  There will be three different parties to vote for;





This work will link closely to the work of our own School Council and further children's understanding of our School Values.

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